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Exoskeleton360.com is an informational blog site created and managed by Violet Automations Pvt. Ltd., www.violetdigital.in, www.viol8.com. Our main aim is to keep our audience informed and posted about the new technological advancements in the Exoskeleton Devices Industry. It is arguably one of the most booming industries in the business ecosystem, having its foothold in the medical, defense, occupational and consumer sectors, right now with some hugely impactful practical benefits, especially considering the emergence of such a technically advanced and adept standard of living in the future. It can be rightly said that not long from now every household will most certainly be quite inclined and affirmed towards these exoskeleton products and have at least one of them in their household.

Exoskeleton Revolution Exoskeleton products are not relatively new to be introduced in the market, it’s been over a hundred years since the first exoskeleton like product was developed in 1890 by a Russian engineer Nicholas Yagn, an apparatus for assisting movements. Exoskeletons were not something totally unheard of though, many animals and insects naturally have exoskeletons for their own biological purposes like turtles, snails, etc. An exoskeleton usually pertains to an external body covering feature facilitating a certain biological process thereby, originating from this thought exoskeleton products are wearable electromechanical augmented devices specifically developed to enhance the physical performance of the wearer or as an wearable orthotic device for gait rehabilitation and locomotive assistance, though a lot of research and development activities are going on which may even extend their operational capabilities to even more human and non-human processes.

The Exoskeleton industry has been growing at a steady pace since 2015 -2018, registering a market value of a little more than 300 million USD in 2018 but is expected to reach a market worth of almost 11 billion USD by 2027 with a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of almost 50%. Practical applications forexoskeleton products range from medical and civil to production and military purposes. Huge investments are being made for research and development activities in this industry anticipated with a great ROI (Return on Investment).

Exoskeleton products offer a great deal of practical benefits not only in the medical field, like joint and muscle support devices or attachable and breakthroughs in the field of physiotherapy, but also for civil, production, operational and military purposes. The visible benefits of these products may very well be a requisite criteria to boost up the productivity in many sectors of the business world since a greater analysis and quantification of productivity will be attainable. Productivity could be successfully and more accurately be predicted with the implementation of this technology. Improved work place comfort through postural support and reduced muscle fatigue will certainly help in improving the quality of work being performed, thereby establishing a clear cut operational competency for many businesses. Labor forces in the production and manufacturing sector would also be extremely benefited with better and greater capacity to work along with a gradual decrease in the number of injuries suffered. Supply chains will also get automated thereby eliminating tedious tasks and processes otherwise employing huge amount of space and costs. Besides all this military and defense sector will specifically be able to avail an unprecedented amount of benefits as well. Bionic robotic suits, technologically integrated weapons and other highly efficient and effective equipment are under the process of development which indeed can practically reform the foundation of the defense sector itself.


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