The exoskeleton product industry is more or less a little more than five years old into its making and there are quite a number of exoskeleton products making their way into the market. There are a number of applications for these products in a variety of industries in the business world like medical and healthcare, military and defense, production and manufacturing, etc. but one of them which will most certainly not fail to surprise and at the same time entice the business world is its various applications for the general public, the consumer and commercial market. The commercial consumer market in general is the most sought after segment in the market to conduct any kind of business activity because of its high responsive, repetitive and impressionable nature. The variations in demand and supply, the main indicators of a growing market, have the most amount of relevance in this particular segment and often corresponds and expands itself to other market segments as well, eventually. The ease in researching various market indicators and growth trends reflects an extremely relevant and impressionable nature of this segment, having a vast scope of opportunities for various business activities.

Commercial Full Body Exoskeletons

A number of research and development activities are being conducted in this field and a lot of prototypes are being tested on a daily basis, some of them which have made their way into the commercialization process are :-

  1. Againer – Againer is one of the very first exoskeleton product to be introduced in the market. It essentially is a passive support exoskeleton device specially designed for skiing. It assists and supports the person by making use of the rigid boots attached to the skiing board itself. An extension of rods and springs is attached on the legs directly linking them with the boots and enabling a person to exert the necessary amount of pressure and force involved in basic skiing techniques, it indeed is quite useful while making turns and he helps in preventing injuries during dynamic scenarios of compression. (Againer, n.d.)
  2. Elevate – Elevate is the first pneumatically powered actuator wearable robot for skiing. It is designed by Roam Robotics and is the first of its kind in powered exoskeleton for recreational and sports. It is designed to support 30% of the body weight with the help of small air compressors in a back-like pouch which rapidly inflates and deflates the actuators in either leg. The onboard software is responsible for the Elevate to work perfectly, it is basically meant to anticipate and automatically adjust the support to the knees and quads. It is not only meant to refine the skiing experience but to extend it for longer periods of time as well. (Roam Elevate, n.d.)
  3. RoboGolf Pro – RoboGolf Pro is a golf swing training device. The user hold a custom golf stick by the handle while the robot is attached to the golf stick right below the handle. It employs seven motors to generate replicas of complex golf swings. It essentially can be used to develop muscle memory which is extremely important for every sport. It also has the capability to imitate the swings of professional golfers along with implementing such techniques theoretically as well. This has opened the door for educational exoskeleton products in which such devices can be used to teach complex actions and techniques for activities like archery, firearm, shooting, etc. which involves repetition and precision. (Robo Golf Pro, n.d.)
  4. Ski Mojo – Ski Mojo is another exoskeleton designed for skiing purposes, it is kind of a passive exoskeleton device for knees to absorb any kind of shock which a person might take due to sudden jerks or aggressive movements during skiing. It also attaches itself to the rigid boots which a skier wears during skiing. The device can be worn underneath the clothes and is greatly responsible in reducing muscle fatigue, pain and strain in the legs of a skier. (Ski Longer, n.d.)
  5. Xnowers – Xnowers Ski and Snowboard Exoskeleton is a passive exoskeleton endurance sport device created by Levier Exo S.L. a spin off company from Gogoa Mobility Robots. It has an adjustable suspension system meant to support the weight of the user and dampen the impact on their body thereby, providing more security and control to the user. (Levier – Increasing Sportive Performance, n.d.)
  6. Armor-Man 2 – The Ikan Tilta Max Armor-Man 2 Gravity, Ronin and Movi Gimbal Exoskeleton Support (ARM-T02) is a second generation passive steady cam device. It consists of two spring supported arms coming from backside of the exoskeleton vest to hold a camera. It essentially comes with two spring arms one of them which can directly be attached to a camera gimbal and the other supports the forearms. It is ergonomically efficient in nature and it’s uses can also effectively be extended to other applications as well. (Ikay Armor Man Gravity Exoskeleton Arm, n.d.)
  7. Wieldy Exoskeleton – Wieldy Exoskeleton Camera Shoulder Load Vest with Double Handle Dual-Damping Arm for DSLR DV Camera, is a similar steady cam technology exoskeleton suit, in which two spring arms protrude from the back. It is a passive spring loaded exoskeleton device which can be used to support and hold a camera gimbal. It helps in reducing the burden of holding objects at or above waist level and can almost support a total weight of 20kg (44lb). It can also be used to hold large camera equipment and can even be extended to other similar applicative uses. (Wieldy HD-8900 Exoskeleton, n.d.)

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